Diverticulitis for Dummies: New Studies and Guideline Updates




Augmentin > Fluoroquinolones + flagyl

Diet choices matter

Obesity/Genetics/Smoking/NSAIDs/Opioids matter more.

Guideline recommendations.

PPIs in Infants and Statin Myalgias


Hey everybody - 2fer today: 2 topics that couldn't be more different. Family medicine in a nutshell.

How Risky is Metformin in CKD?


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey everybody, today we discuss the evidence on the risks of metformin and its associated lactic acidosis in type 2 DM in CKD. Good/bad? What do you need to know to be safe and yet do good diabetic care?  Let's dive in.

Medical Management of Appendicitis?


Hey pod peeps, let's listen to how it is absolutely possible to management appendicitis as PCPs, based on recent and not so recent data. 

Diabetes, Microalbuminuria and CKD for the PCP


Alternative title for today is Dr. List presents the Idiot's Guide to the Kidneys in Diabetes.


I think I messed up and said 2007 was the article from the Journal of International Society of Nephrology, meant to say 2017.


Here's a link to the graph that show's your patient's risk of progression to CKD based on GFR and albuminuria levels: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Prognosis-of-CKD-by-GFR-and-Albuminuria-categories-12_fig1_296618862

Ivermectin for COVID?


Comments go here

When to Send: Hematuria


Hey everyone! Today we discuss the new AUA 2020 Hematuria guidelines. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

COVID19 Vaccine Hesitancy


On this episode of the podcast we talk about arguably the most important topic in medicine today: combating vaccination hesitancy for the COVID19 vaccine.

Guideline Update: Asthma Management and Colonoscopies after Polypectomy


HEY! It's the PCP! 2 new guideline discussions. My favorite! Join me!

Another Tool in the Smoking Cessation Toolbox!


Hey there, hip young teens. Do you know what the cool kids are talking about? Definitely not regular cigarettes! No, they are on the primary care podcast talking about very low dose nicotine content cigarettes! So be a cool kid and listen and learn!



Danish Mask Study Review


Hey everyone! On today's episode, we review today's new mask study out of Denmark. The study says masks weren't effective, but there's some bigtime issues with the actual study itself. Let's review! Also, sorry for the banging, my kid was kicking a soccer ball in the room directly above me. sorry sorry sorry sorry.

Stop Missing This Diagnosis!


Hey everyone! Did you like that clickbait title? We're talking about Primary hyperaldosteronism and how/why PCPs fail to diagnosis this! Why it matters! Why should you care? Because reasons! That's why! Listen in and learn!

Guideline Update! Colon Cancer Screening from USPFTF


Hey everyone,  


On tonight's EMERGENCY PANIC INDUCING GUIDELINE UPDATE we talk about USPFTF lowering CRC screening to age 45. Dang. Well, data supports it, but kinda weakly. We'll discuss.

My Personal COVID 19 Experience!


Hey everyone,


On today's episode.... ya boy caught covid! I talk about my personal experience having COVID and what takeaways I learned from it.

Intermittent Fasting Fails an RCT!


Hey everyone! We're here to REVISIT a favorite topic from the podcast: Intermittent fasting, which didn't look so hot in an RCT last month in JAMA. Let's dive into the dietary "science" in the article and talk about what it means for discussions with patients!

2021 Coding and Documentation Changes!


Hey everyone, today we discuss the new proposed changes to office documentation, and wow are they massive changes. Huuuuuuuuge. Many, many people are saying they are the biggest and most impressive changes in documentation history.


International listeners, this might not apply as much to you, but you're free to listen in to the discussion.

Turmeric for Knee OA? Probably!


Hey everyone,  first we get to a follow up email from the Meningitis B Action Project about a previous episode, then we dive into a new article on Turmeric for Knee OA. Let's do this!

Vitamin D and COVID 19? Are We Really Doing This?


Hey everybody!

Time to finally talk about Vitamin D and COVID 19. We're doing it. We're talking about it. The talk has been done. Done did it good. It's been did.

Meningitis B Vaccine and the Number Needed to Vaccinate


Hey Everyone,


Today's topic we discuss the Men B vaccine, and how I apply the NNV/statistics to help add in the shared decision making process.

Taking Mega Dose Biotin Does WHAT?


Hey everyone,

On today's episode we talk about why you should know if your patients are taking biotin supplementation that is crazy higher than the recommended daily value (0.03mg/30ug daily) and what it means in primary care and chronic disease management.

Guideline Update: Topical NSAIDs for Acute Musculoskeletal Pain


Hey errrrbody who likes to misspell words for fun,


On today's episode, we review the new joint guideline for acute MS pain from ACP/AAFP. I promise, it's a painfree episode.

Stunning Study Shows Statins Should Suffice in Some Super Old Seniors


Welcome back fans of alliteration, we dive into a maybe practice changing update on statins for elderly patients. Reduction in all cause and ASCVD related mortality? Who knews?

Guideline Update: Cervical Cancer Screening from ACS


Hey Everyone! Another guideline update! Cervical Cancer screening from the ACS!


Sell your pap stock, no more cytology, we're hrHPV hype train now!



To Statin or Not to Statin, is a CAC the Answer?


hey friends, welcome back. Today we talk about the people at risk for developing ASCVD, using the 2018 pooled cohort equation from the ACC/AHA to calculate their 10 year risk.   For our international listeners or those not aware, this is the calculator I'm talking about:




and the Article/Youtube discussion about the article:



Let's get to it!

Guideline Update: Lung Cancer Screening Draft


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey everyone who loves the letter e and even those that don't,

On today's episode, we look at the July 7th new lung cancer screening draft by USPFTF. Probably saves lives, we should probably do it more. Ok? Ok. Let's discuss.

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